Urban Africa 2050
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

2018: 11,855,000
2050: 104,000,000

Host Instituion
Université Protestante au Congo, UPC

Overview of the City
Kinshasa, known until 1966 as Leopoldville, largest city and capital of the DRC. It lies about 320 miles (515 km) from the Atlantic Ocean on the South bank of the Congo River. Kinshasa is one of the largest cities of Sub-Saharan Africa. The City’s inhabitants are popularly known as Kinois. Kinshasa is divided into industrial, residential and commercial zones. Along the western edge of the central city, an industrial zone (before 1966 called Leo-Ouest) flourishes near the site of the first deposit established by the British-American explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley. To its east lies the riverside residential and administrative district of Gombe (which is the name of the suburb), which houses most of the European population and the Congolese elite; the central government buildings and the embassy district and located there.

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Name: Micheline
Surname: Kamba
Position at the institution: Head of Master in Social Transformation’s department
E-mail address: Micheline.kamba@gmail.com