Urban Africa 2050
Douala, Camroon

2018: 2,700,000
2050: 3,700,000 – 4,000,000

Host Institution
Faculty of Protestant theology and Religious Sciences of Ndoungué

Overview of the City
Known since the pre-colonial period more exactly at the end of the XVth century and organized by the presidential decree N°87 / 1366 of September 24th, 1987 carrying creation of the Urban Community of Douala, the city of Douala geographical data are: 4°03’N N; 9°42’E E, is situated inside the estuary of Cameroon and developed on both banks of the river Wouri. Douala is
The economic major city (estate) of Cameroon, it is limited to the North by the pond overturning of Nsapé, on the West by the creeks of Bomono and Moungo, in the South by the Beach) of Manoka, by where Dibamba joins Wouri and in the East by Dibamba, its relief consists at the same time of the highlands (trays, hills) and Lowlands (valleys, with the slopes which sometimes exceed(overtake) the 15 %, That make then urbanization difficult. The watershed is constituted by the rivers: Wouri and Dibamba associated with the ground waters which touch almost everywhere the pond in rainy season. So, the river system is in narrow relation with waters of ground waters.
Douala is situated in the climatic conditions of the coastal zone the North. This city and its quite whole region are submitted to a coastal equatorial climate, with two annual seasons: a hot and the wet one). Because of its closeness in the Atlantic Ocean, the The city of Douala undergoes the influence of the zone of ” monsoons f who’s center of which is in the neighborhood of the Mount Cameroon. The temperature reaches its maximum in February with 27,6°C and its minimum in July with 24,8°C, for a thermal amplitude of 2,8°C. During one year, we can register 4 000 mm on of rain average, with on average 180 rainy days a year, spread over nine months.
The city of Douala is subdivided into six municipalities: the Municipality of District of Douala 1st Douala 2nd), Douala 3rd, Douala 4th, Douala 5th and the Municipality Douala 6th. The city of Douala is the first city, the most populated of the country (Cameroon). The population of this city corresponds to 10 % of the hole population of Cameroon and approximately 20 % of the urban population of the country

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