Urban Africa 2050
Cotonou, Benin

2018: 1,116,269
2050: 2,288,126
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Host Institution
University Institute of International Development

Overview of the City:
The big cosmopolitan city of Benin, the economic capital has an area of 8o km2 is a crossroads city in West Africa both socio-tourist, commercial. The countries of the interland are served by Cotonou, which also has the largest market in West Africa with the curious name of Dantokpa meaning literally ‘next to the snake river’ which should be interested in the understanding of the spiritual cartography of the city of Cotonou whose explanation also means ‘river of death’.
Because of the advancing sea and Cotonou position as a lakeside town, when it rains the roads are flooded and Beninese founded their way towards Calavi, Glo and its surroundings. The population of Cotonou departs to suburbs in surrounding cities. The migrants will take the place left by Cotonou citizens by buying the lands and build high standard level houses. Cotonou host the majority of ministerial offices.

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General Introduction
I. The city of Cotonou
II. The migrations
III. New Architecture and Urbanization
IV. Pentecost of the City
V. Spiritual Cartography
VI. Theological Curriculum
VII. Toward African Urban migratory theology

Name: Ghislain
Surname: Agbede
Position at the institution: General Secretary
Email address: ghislain.agbede@gmail.com