South African National Network on Street Homelessness (SANNoSH)


Street homelessness is a reflection of the kind of society we live in. It is experienced all over South Africa, expressed in different forms, and increasingly complex and multi-layered.

In recent times different initiatives have been launched in different cities to bring together academic researchers, city officials, practitioner-activists and people who are homeless, to generate knowledge about street homelessness more collectively, in order to inform evidence-based policy, strategy and budget interventions. There is a dearth of appropriate policy and strategy at local, provincial and national level, and almost no dedicated budget to address street homelessness.

A national conversation/forum was initiated on street homelessness (1) to overcome our isolation and share good practices and research from different cities, and (2) to inform national policy/strategy/budget

The national conversation (now called the South African National Network on Street Homelessness or for short SANNoSH) was hosted by the Tshwane Leadership Foundation and the Centre for Contextual Ministry at the University of Pretoria on behalf of the Tshwane Homelessness Forum on 20-21 November 2017 at St Peter’s Lutheran Church, Pretoria Central. Representatives from Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Ekhuruleni, Johannesburg, and Tshwane attended the two-day conversation, to discern how a national movement would take shape and identify a research agenda and gaps.

Outside stakeholders were invited to guide the thinking. The stakeholders included Statistics South Africa, Independent Electoral Commission, Lawyers for Human Rights, Homeless Writers Project, HSRC, and the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference Parliamentary Liaison Office.

The various outcomes of the conversation will still be published