Urban Studio

Advancing Community Based Urban Praxis for Change

The Urban Studio is a partnership between the Tshwane Leadership Foundation and the Centre for Contextual Ministry.

The Urban Studio is an on-going institutional and educational resource to local urban practitioners, activists and social movements, committed to sustained urban social change, freedom and justice. The Urban Studio uses the local urban context of the City of Tshwane (Pretoria) and the Gauteng City-Region optimally as a trans-disciplinary classroom for action, reflection, dialogue and research. In seeking to deconstruct existing hierarchies of knowledge, it wants to create hospitable spaces for different kinds of knowledge and experiences to be shared in ways that will be mutually transforming.

The Urban Studio is a people, place and process:

  • Developing community based theological formation, from below, within, and leadership development
  • Co-research and participating with communities and organisations
  • Using the City of Tshwane as classroom – a place of creativity
  • Hospitable space for inviting knowledges from unseen places and generating new knowledges
  • Specific focus on policy influence and research, working for true change and transformation together

Over-all goal of the Urban Studio:

Support the implementation of tailor-made strategies in the City of Tshwane through offering the Urban Studio as a learning space, through equipped community-based movements of change, that will empower the most vulnerable populations of these cities towards freedom and justice.