Urban Africa 2050: Imagining theological education formation for flourishing African cities

Urbanization in Africa is inevitable. By 2050 more than 1,2 billion people – 55% of the African population – will live in African cities. Currently, 62% of Africa’s urban population live in informal settlements. Will urban Africa explode in numbers and deepen in misery, or is it possible to imagine and accompany flourishing African urban futures.

Little research has been done on religion in African cities. Most theological curricula in Africa fail to prioritise urban realities. This trans-disciplinary research project will attempt to escalate the priority for robust, creative theological engagement with African urban challenges.

We gather researchers from across the continent to re-imagine theological education that is fostering urban leaders, enabled to animate flourishing African cities. We do this through retrieving African spiritualities and values, socio-spiritual capital and innovations, and justice-seeking practices of reconciliation and peace-building.